How can you have a Blast From The Past without showing a few pioneers? Now don't go getting me busted for showing clips from old magazines... I'm trying to do a service here!



I ran across this old article I had saved about Jazzy Jim Nelson and his flathead powered Fiat Topolino. Notice too that the article was by Gray Baskerville, another departed long time face in the scene of automotive chroniclers. I used to live to see Gray Baskerville's archive pics in Hot Rod Magazine.


Have you heard of "Mooneyes" and didn't know where they came from? (stop snickering, old farts... the young guns probably don't have a clue who Dean Moon was!).  Mooneyes can be traced way way back to the dawn of the hot rodding era. Dean Moon was active in drag and Bonneville racing.  Shown here is his front-blown dragster along with one of his Bonneville entries.


In fact... click the dragster pic if you want to see a video of this bad little monkey grandson making a test pass at Carlsbad, CA in 2002. There's more info about the rebirth of the Moon dragster on the Mooneyes website.  For giggles, surf on over to the Japanese portion of the site, too... it's interesting to see how the Mooneyes brand is catching on over there! (Don't worry... even the Japanese site has an English version!)


Anyone guess who the owner of this car might be?



OK.... maybe it's not a fair question... after all, the pic is too small to read the lettering.  This is one of the Swamp Rat cars campaigned by Big Daddy Don Garlits.  If you don't know who Big Daddy is, maybe you ought to go back to needlepoint?

Or.... you can check here: The link takes you straight to a bio... but there's a lot more than just a bio there.  




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