The 1948 Austin Dorset.

I can't tell you how much heckling I've taken for buying this car!  I've loved Austins for a very long time - heck, I grew up in a 1950 A50 four door that my dad had built, and you can't look at a vintage gasser photo book or website (check out Gasser Madness!!!!) without seeing Austins.  They weren't quite as popular as the '33 and '41 Willys, but I have to believe that's partially due to how rare they were.  And therein lies my rationalization for buying this one.  When you look up the numbers for two door Austins in America, they're paltry. Now factor in that this one is all steel (not a fiberglass reproduction body) and was already chopped 3.5" in the top and you can see why I was hooked right away.


As you'll see on the next few pages... it truly is a LONG term project haha  In fact, when I got this car home to Indy from Lynchburg, Virginia (dragging it at 45mph all the way back!), I was damn near overcome with depression when I took all the pictures you're going to see on the next page.  But.... I have to keep reminding myself that my dad's own '28 Ford was in FAR worse shape when he started and most cars this age are in about this shape or worse when they are first starting out.  And best of all... my top chop is already done.      The sun is only dawning on this little beast!